The Banished Teased for Halo Infinite

Halo Signal Detected Teased the Banished for Halo Infinite

The official Twitter account for Halo recently teased an incoming transition that teased a previous Halo enemy for Halo Infinite. The teaser hinted at a return of the Banished who invaded The Ark in Halo Wars 2 and planned to create their own Halo worlds. The Banished are led by Atriox, an ex-Covenant mercenary who have been exclusive to the Halo Wars series so far. While Atriox and the Banished may not be the primary villains of Halo Infinite, this teaser transmission seems to suggest they’ll play a role in the story. Halo Infinite is coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X later this year and it will offer Smart Delivery for fans who initially buy it on the Xbox One and later upgrade to the Series X.

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“The hour approaches…forces occupy the Ring. Within hours, it will be under our control. Humanity will burn,” said an ominous voice on the recent Twitter Halo transmission. “Their brazen defiance will be all but a memory. No more prophets, no more lies! We stand together, brothers to the end. We are his will, we are his legacy, we are the Banished.” With another Xbox games showcase coming next month, this Halo teaser will keep fans speculating until more is revealed and we’re looking forward to seeing more from the next-gen Halo title.

Several developers will join together for the upcoming July Xbox games showcase to reveal their next-gen exclusives, most of which will feature Smart Delivery. Last month there was a big Inside Xbox event that focused on next-gen third party titles but next month, Xbox will be showing off the games that the Xbox Game Studios have been cooking up for next-gen.


“A number of our studio teams are looking forward to sharing first looks at new gameplay, insights from development teams being optimized for Xbox Series X and brand-new game announcements,” said a recent statement from Xbox. The July games showcase will feature Halo Infinite, so fans who are dissecting the recent transmission from the Halo Twitter account won’t have to wait long for answers.

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