Halo Infinite Box Art Has Been Revealed

Box Art For Halo Infinite Release One Day Before Xbox Showcase

Since Bungie wrapped development on Halo Reach back in 2010, 343 has been at the helm of the Mircosoft owned Scifi series. Over the years, fans and critics have had polarizing opinions of the developer’s interpretation of the series, however, every Halo from 343 has reviewed well. Over the last decade, the Xbox owned study has released Now, with just one day until Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase, 343 has reviewed the box art for the upcoming installment, Halo Infinite.

What is interesting about the box art, is the deliberate focus on Halo lead, Master Chief. After many people criticizing 343 for their portrayal of the Chief in Halo 5, this box art seems deliberate in showing the importance he will play in the upcoming game. In addition, Locke, a new playable character in the previous game is noticeable absent from the artwork.

With many people in the industry speculating that Halo Infinite will have a large presence at tomorrow’s showcase, the surprise reveal of the box artwork acts a taste of what fans should expect. If you would like to download the box art in various sizes, that can be done on the official 343 industries’ website.