Bungie’s Next Game Will be Similar to Destiny According to Job Listing

Sci-fi Shooter Here We Come

Bungie has made its name thanks to sci-fi shooters like Halo and Destiny. So it would only make sense that they not diverge from what they are good at. According to a new job listing from Bungie themselves, their new IP will be similar to Destiny. There are obviously very little details about what to expect from this new game but whatever it is fans should anticipate this new title to incorporate some sort of science fiction element into its setting.

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While Destiny might be a bit of mixed bag when it comes to public perception, Halo was one of, if not the biggest franchise of the 2000s. It is hard to conceptualize how big Halo was as a series during the golden age of the Xbox and Xbox 360. Those days are now long gone but with a very impressive track record under their belt fans of Bungie should be optimistic about whatever new project they have on the go.

It can only be assumed that this new game is a long way off considering they are still looking for people to work on its development. But it is a step in the right direction. Earlier this year Bungie stated that they do not plan on making a third Destiny game. This has left the door wide open in terms of possibilities for the legendary developer. Right now, nothing is off the table.

The project that they are working on is simply called “Matter.” This could just be a codename for the project or it could be the actual name of the new IP. We simply don’t know. Either way, it should be very interesting to see what Bungie is able to cook up heading into a new IP with the knowledge and experience that they have accumulated over their 20 plus years of existence.