Up Next Month: Avatar: The Last Airbender X Smite

An Avatar vs A God, Who Will Be the Last One Standing?

Smite, the mythology-themed, free-to-play third-person MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), will be getting an Avatar: The Last Airbender–themed Battle Pass next month. The crossover with Nickelodeon’s classic animated series will introduce protagonists Aang, Zuko, Korra (from the sequel, The Legend of Korra) as skins for existing SMITE characters.

Travis Brown, Executive Producer of SMITE, said in a press release that the design details attempt to convey the characters’ unique personalities and includes references to fan-favorite moments in the show. He describes the Battle Pass content as adding “essentially all-new characters that happen to use the same abilities as existing SMITE Gods”.

Merlin, master wizard of the elements, will get the Aang skin, while the Japanese god Susano, with his ten-span sword, will transform into Zuko (with his storm-based abilities becoming fire instead). Lastly, Korra will enter the fray alongside her pet polar bear dog Naga in the place of the Norse Goddess of Winter, Skadi.


Besides the three basic skins, the Avatar Battle Pass will also feature additional content, including an emote honoring unlucky cabbage vendors, as well as bonus prestige skins for Aang and Korra in their Avatar states and Zuko as the Blue Spirit.

The collaboration comes a little over half a year since the last RWBY X Smite event, which also featured the protagonists of a popular animated series as skins for Thanatos, Freya, Terra, and Amaterasu.