Halo Infinite Campaign Footage Came From a PC

The Recent Halo Infinite Footage Wasn’t From Xbox Series X

During the recent Xbox game showcase, 343 Industries joined several other developers to show off their next-gen game, Halo Infinite. The footage of Halo Infinite showed off elements of the campaign and various weapons, but the footage was apparently captured on a PC. The demo was running on a PC that had comparable specs to the Xbox Series X but many fans are wondering why 343 Industries didn’t decide to show footage from the Series X itself. Halo Infinite will be releasing for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X this holiday season, with Smart Delivery on offer and the title joining the extensive Game Pass lineup.

The recent campaign demo for Halo Infinite showed off a lot of combat and the familiar Halo ring around the planet, all captured at 4K and 60FPS. Fans of the Halo series can expect to get a lot out of Halo Infinite, with Microsoft confirming that it’ll be a 10-year game. The weapon design of Halo Infinite used the original Halo: Combat Evolved title as a template and they were apparently able to improve on the original formula quite a bit. 343 Industries and Xbox teased The Banished as a villain for Halo Infinite ahead of the Xbox game showcase, but the campaign footage showed off more of the Halo Wars villains in FPS action.

Although the footage of Halo Infinite from the Xbox game showcase was capture on a PC, Xbox fans can expect 4K visuals at 60FPS when the Xbox exclusive releases later this year. Some fans are concerned that because Halo Infinite is a cross-generational game between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, it’ll be held back visually but we expect to see the latest installment of Halo accompanied by that optimized for Series X badge.

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