Tetris Effect: Connected Exclusive to Xbox and Windows

Tetris Effect: Connected Is a Timed-Exclusive for Xbox

Officially unveiled during the recent Xbox game showcase, Tetris Effect: Connected is confirmed to be an Xbox exclusive title. Tertris 99 has gotten a great reception on the Nintendo Switch and it looks like Xbox will have timed exclusivity for Tetris: Effect Connected. The Connected expansion for Tetris Effect is developed by the same Japanese development duo of Monstars and Resonair with some additional help from Stage Games. Tetris Effect: Connected will be releasing this Fall for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC and it’s joining the extensive Game Pass lineup.

Tetris Effect: Connected will include Smart Delivery for Xbox One fans who end up upgrading to the Xbox Series X and it’s essentially 2.0 of the Tetris Effect experience. The latest installment in the Tetris franchise includes three player local and online co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. Xbox gamers will be able to play with their Windows PC friends day one when Tetris Effect: Connected, with crossplay being enabled immediately. Tetris fans on other platforms can apparently expect to see a 2021 release of Tetris Effect: Connected.

The original Tetris Effect released in 2018 exclusively for the PS4 before eventually coming to PC. With PC getting both the original and the Connected expansion, it seems like one of the essential places for Tetris fans to get their fix, but Xbox fans will get timed console exclusivity for Tetris Effect: Connected. It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo Switch’s Tetris 99 or Tetris Effect: Connected release for other consoles and which one will be the first to migrate to the other platforms.

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