Buying Halo Infinite on Xbox One Will Carry Over to Xbox Series X

Smart Delivery

Games coming out around the time of new console generation releases are usually in a tricky spot. Do I get this game on my old, reliable console or a couple of months later on the new and shiny console? When these games come out on both old and new consoles, they are often called “cross-generation titles”, but it really just means that you can get a separate copy of the game for both consoles. What the next generation will supposedly be doing will redefine what cross-generation will mean. Among a few upcoming titles, if you buy Halo Infinite for Xbox One, you will automatically have it on Xbox Series X.

Halo Infinite

On one hand, this is good for consumers. One price tag for a game on two consoles? Sounds good to me. However, there is something to consider with a game being on an old and new console. It has been brought up before, but will these cross-generational games be limited by the Xbox One? There are reports that the Xbox Series X will be up to eight times more powerful than its predecessor, so will that impact the quality of Halo Infinite? Will it run at a sub-par level on the Xbox One? Will it feel like a last-gen title on a next-gen console? Or is your ol’ pal Zane worrying over nothing?

Microsoft is calling this strategy of selling one game for two consoles Smart Delivery. We know that Cyberpunk 2077 is also taking advantage of Smart Delivery. In the last transition between console generations, a notable release was Shadow of Mordor. The Xbox 360 version of that game was missing a major feature from the Xbox One version, so are we going to be seeing something similar with Halo Infinite? Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite will be launching this holiday season.

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Source: GameSpot