Japanese Switch Fans Build Their Ideal Console

Japanese Gamers Can Customize Their Ideal Switch Bundles

While most of the world has a specific set of Nintendo Switch bundles with their own Joy-Con colours, Nintendo Switch fans can customize their perfect bundle in Japan. The Joy-Con controllers and straps come in various colours and Japanese Switch fans can mix and match their favorite colours to create their ultimate colour scheme. While several colours were already available, Nintendo has released additional colours for this made-to-order bundle. There’s no word on whether or not gamers in the west will ever gain access to this combined colour bundle but we hope it opens up to all Nintendo Switch fans.

Nintendo Switch Japan

The new colour scheme bundles will include the Nintendo Switch 2.0 with the increased battery duration and slight internal modifications. Japanese gamers who opt to get the original Nintendo Switch bundle will receive a voucher to make up for the lacking battery life but we definitely recommend trying to find the more competent battery units. Japanese Nintendo fans who choose to customize their colour scheme bundle will have ten Joy-Con colours to choose between and seven options for the straps.

The made-to-order colour scheme bundle will have additional add-on options such as pre-loaded games, Pro Controllers and microSD cards. While Nintendo has experimented with custom Joy-Con color bundles, they haven’t been so customizable on this generation of Nintendo consoles. With Nintendo Switch units being so difficult to find these days, more customization options are a welcome change if fans are going to have to wait for their unit anyway. The company has a long way to go until there are as many colour options as N64 controllers but we hope to see just as many Joy-Con colours in time.

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Source: Engadget