Borderlands on the Nintendo Switch Has Motion Controls

Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch Includes Motion Controls

One of the developers of the upcoming Borderlands series port for the Nintendo Switch, Turn Me Up, has given fans an idea of what to expect from the series on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The Borderlands Legendary Collection was featured as part of 2K Games’ showcase on Nintendo’s recent Direct Mini and it will include motion controls and 30 frames per second when it releases. While the Borderlands series is already on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the Legendary Collection releases for the Nintendo Switch on May 29th.


Borderlands Legendary Collection will include enhanced versions of the first Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and each title’s DLC. Turn Me Up is working closely with 2K and Gearbox Games to bring 1080p HD as well as 30 FPS to all three titles in the collection. The developers have also stated that all three titles will feature motion controls but it’s currently unknown what that will look like. It’s likely that gamers will be able to aim and use certain abilities utilizing the Joy-Con motion controls similar to Overwatch when it released for the hybrid console.

While the Borderlands series has never come to the Nintendo Switch, the Borderlands Legendary Collection will be bringing a trifecta of the cel shaded looter shooter RPG. As part of the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, 2K games announced a plethora of ports, including the Bioshock Collection, the X-COM 2 Collection and the previously mentioned Borderlands Legendary Collection. While this may be it for 2K Games on the Nintendo Switch for a while, it’s great to see 2K bring two acclaimed series’ to the hybrid console and the renowned tactical game, X-COM 2.

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Source: Gaming Bolt