Overwatch Switching It up in October

Finally, Nintendo Switch is Capturing Overwatch

The Nintendo Switch version of Blizzard’s Overwatch includes all of the same content as the other platforms plus the addition of optional motion controls, allowing gamers a more immersive experience like Splatoon 2. The game which was highlighted during Nintendo’s most recent Direct utilizes the gyroscopic motion controls to let gamers line up their shots, charges, boosts and leaps among other things. The Nintendo Switch Overwatch Legendary Edition releases on October 15th and is priced at $40 and will include fifteen skins and a three month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.


The same 31 characters and 28 maps will be available across the various modes in the Legendary Edition of Overwatch and gamers who pre-order this edition will receive the Noir Widowmaker skin to show off day one. Anyone playing the game before December 31st will receive a Golden Loot Box which is guaranteed to include one legendary item, which is proof that they all could if Blizzard wanted them to. Switch owners will receive the same treatment as Xbox One, PC and PS4 gamers as Blizzard releases more characters and maps constantly but they will receive a larger roster on launch as expected. The diversity of each map, character and game mode makes the game an extremely replayable experience and the Legendary Edition allows gamers to battle across international in-game locations while they’re traveling internationally. Compete in the traditional 6v6 modes or explore the arcade for more challenging or wacky game modes as Overwatch has a mode and a character for everyone.

We had a hunch Overwatch was coming to the Nintendo Switch considering the Homebrew modding community was able to make it somewhat playable on Switch. Other rumors circulated when an image of an Overwatch carrying case for the Nintendo Switch leaked online last month. In case you don’t know much about Blizzard’s hero shooter and you own a Switch, check out our review here!

Are you excited to take Overwatch on the go with the Nintendo Switch? Would you like to see a Mario + Overwatch game similar to Mario + Rabbids? Who is your favorite character to play as and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech