Overwatch Role Queue Makes a DPS Lineup, Meaning It Works Perfectly

Wait It Out or Change It Up?

For the past couple of weeks, Overwatch was running a beta across all platforms for its Role Queue feature. Role Queue ensures that each Competitive and Quickplay match has 2 support, 2 tank, and 2 DPS heroes on each team. This helps the game return to the team-balancing that it was made for. Unfortunately for some players, the Overwatch Role Queue leaves a larger wait time to play DPS a lot of the time. Of course, it’s to be expected that players have their personal favourites to play as, but Blizzard is giving a greater incentive to explore the less popular roles with things like more lootboxes.

Overwatch Role Queue

The desire for Role Queue came from the frustration players would have when teammates would choose their favourite heroes or “main” over what the rest of the team needed. Having two of each role helps balance the teams, giving both sides a fair shot at doing their best. Now there is less complaining over there being a Hanzo or Bastion on the field. However, evidenced by the longer wait time for DPS roles, some people. Just. Don’t. Get it. The players who have been overpopulating the game with DPS, leading to the need for Role Queue in the first place, still do not change.

Sure, nobody is making you play as Mercy or Winston, but broaden your horizons a bit. If you want to play as Genji all the time, do it. Keeping in mind that the wait times will be longer, it does not affect the game at all. You want to wait the length of an entire match just to play one match? Knock yourself out. The Role Queue beta will be in effect until September 1st.

Do you still “main” or have you branched out a bit? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Game Informer