Phil Spencer Is Very Confident in How the Xbox Series X Matches up Against the PS5

This is Like Console Thunderdome

The specs for both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 has been released and it looks like Microsoft will be giving Sony a run for their money later this year. Despite a lot of doubt from the majority of the video game community, it looks like the new Xbox has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has been very vocal about his confidence in the new console.

Xbox Series X quick resume

Spencer said, “I felt really good about how [Xbox] Series X lines up. When we finally saw the public disclosure, I felt even better about the choices that we made on our platform and I kind of expected that I would.” The reception that the Xbox Series X is getting is a total 180 from what it was like for Xbox One only a couple years ago. By and large, the Xbox One was thought of as overpriced, underwhelming, and underpowered. These widely held opinions of the console did not lead to success once it limped onto shelves. The PS4 has outclassed the Xbox One is almost every category imaginable. However, the future is looking much better for Xbox and Microsoft.

It is hard to predict how well either console will do, especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus. This could lead to slow initial sales or even delays when the console’s launch. But it is now looking like a much more level playing ground than previously thought. The matchup between the two should be very exciting for Xbox fans. After the relative flop of the Xbox One, it will be interesting to see if the brand will be able to recover in a meaningful way.

Fans should be able to get their hands on the Xbox Series X and PS5 sometime in the Fall of 2020.