Call of Duty: Warzone Had Banned More Than 50,000 Players For Hacking

It Turns Out the Guy Who Killed You Might Have Actually Been Hacking All Along

Claiming that another player is hacking after they killed you fair and square is an excuse that is as old as time itself. However, sometimes there is some truth behind it all. This is the case with Call of Duty: Warzone. It turns out that a significant portion of the community has not been playing fairly. More than 50,000 players have had to been shown the door due to cheating.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Warzone is the talk of the town as of late. Releasing only a couple of weeks ago, Call of Duty’s attempt at a battle royale game has been a resounding success. Warzone has been able to amass more than 30 million players across all major platforms in that time period and has quickly established itself as the top dog amongst all of the FPS games at the moment. But sometimes creating a game that is hyper-competitive can bring out the worst in people.

Cheating is nothing new to competitive games, but to have a surge in that many cheaters that quickly is almost unheard of. These numbers could be so high simply due to all the free time most of us have thanks to some form of quarantine or lockdown. In response to this pandemic of cheating Activision released a statement saying, “Warzone has zero-tolerance for cheaters.” They weren’t kidding.

Some of these hacks or cheats would make players invisible, unable to take damage, fly, see-through walls, or maybe all of them at once. Probably nothing we haven’t seen before. As you could imagine, Infinity Ward and Activision are going to be hyper-vigilant about this issue. The last thing they need is to build up a reputation of Warzone being a refuge for cheaters.