Playstack Announces Mortal Shell With Sweet Trailer

Combat Is ‘Strategic, Deliberate, and Unforgiving’

The world is an awful, weird place right now. What better way to put this out of your head than with a brand new trailer for a newly-announced game? PlayStack and Cold Symmetry have blessed us with Mortal Shell, which is also uhhh, about an awful, weird place.

Mortal Shell

The combat is described as ‘Strategic, Deliberate, and Unforgiving’. This means Dark Souls. It’s a Soulsborne title. And that’s totally fine! The trailer also introduces us to a fantastic, brutal world full of gorgeous horrors and exquisite suffering. Don’t you just want to get lost for hours in that hellscape?

The trailer is a proper mix of cut scenes and proper gameplay. The graphics suggest that most machines will sweat just a bit getting this to run properly, but that’s as it should be. Also, I can’t wait to get this soundtrack in my headphones. The tense strings and shuddering bass really elevate the world on display to a place you don’t want to be stuck in. There’s no exact release date yet, but Mortal Shell is set to debut on PC, PS4, and the Xbox One some time later this year. Seriously, check out this trailer. I want to go to there. Also also, if you head to the game’s site here, you can sign up for the beta.