Grand Emprise 2: Portals Apart Announcement Trailer Is Here

Take a Look at Grand Emprise 2: Portals Apart

A new adventure is about to begin! The video game Tbjbu2 has released an official announcement trailer of the upcoming title Grand Emprise 2: Portals Apart. It is a sequel to the previous title Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival and will be coming to PC via Steam. And make sure to click right here to put it on your wish list now.

Grand Emprise 2: Portals Apart is a first-person action-adventure game with crafting and survival elements. It takes place in fantasy worlds filled with magical portals. The game may be defined as a high-paced and high-variety title. It follows a mostly linear tech tree, allowing players to have a one-time crazy adventure.

There are different time eras as well which are short to keep the game constantly exciting. It is quite similar to other titles like Grand Emprise, It Takes Two, and Spore. However, you should not expect a sandbox experience, and keep in mind that all portals are seamless.

Key features:

– FANTASY WORLDS: enter into exciting new worlds with seamless portals.
– GATHERING & CRAFTING: gather resources and craft your own tools and weapons.
– BASE BUILDING & POWER: build crafting stations and power generation structures.
– COMBAT: many challenging bosses await (difficulty setting available).
– TRAVERSAL: upgrade and traverse the world in the coolest and fastest ways.