Chocolate Factory Is Opening Its Door on Steam This Month

Welcome to the Chocolate Factory

The indie game developer Tbjbu2 has announced the release date for its upcoming title, Chocolate Factory. This delicious first-person factory-building game with a dash of exploration and combat will arrive on Steam on 18 June 2024. Check out the official release date trailer below to get a glimpse of the game.

In Chocolate Factory, you must harness the power of sugary resources to build complex factories with interconnecting conveyor belts. Automate tasks, explore new technologies via a tech tree and observe your production lines generate delightful treats. Drones facilitate efficient transportation, ensuring your factory operates seamlessly like a perfectly tuned, chocolate-producing machine.

Dive into this candy-coated realm and navigate your expansive factory in sweet style using tools like jump pads, gliders, and jetpacks. But watch out as Gingerbread men, marshmallows, and cookie monsters may seem adorable, but they pack a punch.

Here are some key features:

– Produce all types of sweets as you fill the world with massive factories!
– Automate with conveyor belts to exploit the world’s resources!
– Immersive first-person perspective factory building!
– Travel in style with jump pads, gliders, factory boots, and jetpacks!
– Build sprawling castles easily from pre-made building pieces!
– Open world but not massive, as you play you’ll be able to see the entire world fill up with your factories!
– Follow a tech tree to know exactly what to work on next!
– Utilize drones in the end-game to transport items farther!
– Customize the color of your factory!