Bloodless Will Fight Its Way to Steam on 29 August

Confront the Ghost of the Past in Bloodless

During the Guerrilla Collective showcase, 3D Realms and Brazilian indie studio Point N’ Sheep announced that Bloodless will launch on Steam on Aug 29, 2024. The game’s demo will also participate in the upcoming Steam Next Fest. So, don’t miss this opportunity to try out this pixel-precise action-adventure game.

Bloodless is a stylish, action-adventure game featuring aggressive, non-lethal combat in the atmospheric lands of Bakugawa. Step inside the shoes of Tomoe, a former ronin who has forsaken her title and katana to rescue her homeland from the brutal clutches of Shogun Akechi. You must become the beacon of hope your people desperately need.

Perfect the dash-counter technique to disarm and neutralize enemies as you embark on your quest to save your land. Traverse a stunning pixel-art world and immerse yourself in an emotional story of redemption, confronting your past to set things right.

Key features:

– Unique Non-Lethal Combat: Tomoe swears not to take another life. Instead, she disarms her enemies, using counters and disarming ki-attacks to defeat the shogun’s army.

– Depth & Customization: Discover your fighting style using special ki techniques for unique combos, along with crest enhancements and herb infusions found throughout Bakugawa.

– Striking Environments: Explore the sacred nature and mistreated districts of Bakugawa, where society endures a violent and corrupt military regime. The place is isolated from the world and shattered by past wars’ terrors.

– Emotional Storytelling: Despite being seen as a coward and deserter by her people, ronin Tomoe returns to her homeland after witnessing the bloodshed caused by blades. She hopes to inspire Bakugawa to resist its violent political methods.