Constance Will Begin Its Adventure in Late 2025

Immerse Yourself in Constance

The indie game company btf has announced that their latest upcoming title Constance will launch in late 2025. It features a paintbrush-wielding artist striving to escape from a colorful but decaying inner world that she created due to her declining mental health. A brand new trailer is also out as a part of MIX’s Guerilla Collective digital showcase. Moreover, a demo version is already available on Steam for everyone to try out.

In Constance, you will enter a 2D hand-drawn world that is on the brink of you. Master the power of paint and transform into it to dive into the ground and walls. Slice through the air and enemies, and utilize an array of unique brush techniques. However, you need to be aware that using your brush techniques will corrupt your paint. Relying on them too much will eventually make it fully corrupted, so make sure to keep a balance.

Traverse through more than six unique biomes. Each region features unique enemies and characters that represent different aspects of her psyche and personal history. Unravel countless secrets, multiple paths, characters, side quests, and collectibles in this nonlinear interconnected inner world.

Along the way, you will unlock new brush techniques that will make you stronger. Defeat threatening foes, overcome platforming challenges and solve complex puzzles to advance your progress. Above all, help our troubled protagonist understand her personal struggles, unlock her creativity, and find her inner purpose.

“With Constance we wanted to create a platforming adventure that does more than look and feel great – it tells a relatable down-to-earth story about overcoming self doubt and finding self acceptance,” said Sebastian Drews, Game Director at btf. “We wanted to create something simultaneously wondrous and familiar, that our players can see themselves in. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!”