Sheep Sweep Is Coming Out in Q4 2024

Get ready For Sheep Sweep

Elegant Horse Studios’s co-op puzzle platformer Sheep Sweep is coming out on PC via Steam in Q4 2024. The exact release date will be unveiled sometime in the future. So, get ready to harness the power of teamwork and save some poor sheep with your friend.

Sheep Sweep

Sheep Sweep is a goofy solo or co-op adventure where you must embark on a rescue mission to save missing sheep. You can use various tools in a fully flammable world, crack unique puzzles, bypass obstacles, and safely recover all of them.

Long ago, two shepherds Calla and Eris lived in harmony. But everything changed when the Goofy Tornadoes attacked. They scattered the sheep across the world, leaving Calla and Eris to save them. Despite their resilience, our shepherds face many challenges before they’re ready to rescue anyone. Are you brave enough to join this adventure?

Key features:

– Play Solo or Co-op: Play both the roles of Calla and Eris in the single-player mode. Or engage in local 2-player coop gameplay where teamwork and communication are key to overcoming obstacles.

– Save the Sheep: Take on the hero’s quest to find and save the lost sheep of your village, each uniquely adorable and awaiting rescue.

– Play with Fire: Strategically navigate fiery landscapes, using tools and clever thinking to manage and extinguish flames.

– Fun Physics: Laugh with playful physics and ragdoll effects that turn every challenge into a joyful blunder.

– A Visual Feast: Traverse through artistically rich environments, where each island offers a visual treat as unique as its puzzles.

Take a look at the official trailer below.