Creatures of Ava Starts Preserving at Steam Next Fest

A New Kind of Creature Collector

To preserve is to protect. It is an effort that implies a certain level of understanding. It is also an effort that demands a certain braveness in the face of adversity. Soon, players will be able to experience this effort themselves. Today, 11 bit studios is happy to announce that their upcoming creature-saving game, Creatures of Ava, is coming to Steam Next Fest on June 10th. Putting a spin on the classic creature-collection genre where the player’s main goal is to save and not collect the creatures of the game’s world. Importantly, the game blends a mixture of action-adventure with its own twists and mechanics that make it a unique experience. A new trailer gives players a glimpse of the beautiful world at stake in the game. 

Creatures of Ava

Creatures of Ava introduces players to the titular world. Full of diverse biomes, teeming with strange and wonderful creatures, the world of Ava is as alien as it is beautiful. Protagonist Vic and her companion Tabitha crash land on this strange world. Yet, beneath the beauty of the planet is a growing threat. An infection known as the “Withering” threatens to eradicate all life on the planet. However, not all hope is lost. Players will take up the role of protectors of Ava and work to save the life on the world from the Withering. Interestingly, this means players will need to explore the planet, its diverse biomes, and learn all about its creatures. In this adventure, preserving the creatures is far more important than catching them.

Of course, gamers can get a look at Creatures of Ava in a new trailer for the game. Check it out below.

Creatures of Ava is bringing a demo to Steam Next Fest on June 10th. Currently, no release date is set for the full version of the game, but the game is coming to  Steam | Epic Games Store | GOG | Xbox.