Poke ALL Toads Will Start Causing Mischiefs on Steam This Year

You Must Poke ALL Toads

The indie game developer SpaceMatra has announced that Poke ALL Toads is coming out this year on Steam. The exact release date will be revealed sometime later. Additionally, a demo version of the game is already available on the platform for everyone to try out. You can dive right into it and start being mischievous.

Poke ALL Toads

Poke ALL Toads is a light-hearted puzzle game that features mischievous fairies with a simple goal. However, the toads don’t like their behavior and will not sit still after the offense. You must use the unique abilities of each fairy to get the upper hand. Or even turn their attacks to your advantage. Protecting the blue fairy is the main objective at every level.

This puzzle game features cartoony art as one of its main highlights. Watch your fairies roam the world, sleep in unexpected places, react to their surroundings, or fly into the air. There are over 100 levels that take place in vibrant worlds. Each one of them introduces new mysterious contraptions and tricky enemy varieties. Learn how they work through observation and experimentation and beat them with your mischief.

Take a look at the official trailer below to get a glimpse of the gameplay.