Stormforge Will Arrive on Steam in 2025

Survive at All Costs in Stormforge

Roboto Games has unveiled their highly anticipated open-world fantasy survival crafting game Stormforge this weekend. It was featured in both IGN Live and PC Gaming Show. Coming from a team of seasoned industry veteran developers, the game will be available in Early Access on PC via Steam in 2025. People eager for some adventures can wishlist it right now on the platform. You can also register for updates and playtests at the game’s official website.


In Stormforge, players must endure the harsh conditions of Sorana, a procedurally generated world plagued by lethal magical storms. The game offers both solo and co-op gameplay for up to 8 players. The main objective is to survive the storms while foraging, crafting, building, and fighting enemies.

“We’ve been fans of survival crafting games for years, and we believe this genre perfectly embodies our mission of ‘Good Alone, Great Together.’ By integrating deep fantasy and RPG elements into a fully moddable survival crafting game, we’re eager to see where players want us to take it. Join our 2024 playtests to help shape the game before its early access release. Together, we can create something awesome,” said Curt Bererton, CEO at Roboto Games.

The game perfectly blends the cherished elements of the survival crafting genre with the rich, fantastical inspirations of Dungeons & Dragons and the Stormlight Archives. A unique graphic novel style influenced by Moebius and Miyazaki brings these to life. It integrates unique RPG elements and magical storms into every aspect of the survival crafting experience, introducing innovative mechanics.

In this ever-changing world, players will find that storms serve as both formidable threats and invaluable sources of resources. The storms create a dynamic where players only progress by taking risks. The game also has a fully integrated modding system explicitly designed for the genre, making sure players can enhance their gameplay with a diverse array of community-created mods.