Shark Siege Steam Next Fest Demo Is Out Now

Explore the Ocean in Shark Siege

We have exciting news for all the brave souls seeking some amazing thrill! Developer Geekon and publisher Midnight Games have officially released the demo of Shark Siege for the Steam Next Fest. So, get ready to plunge into the dangerous depths of the sea and confront the most formidable foes in a pulse-pounding gaming experience.

Shark Sieged

Dive into an exciting survival adventure in the vast, unpredictable ocean with “Shark Siege”. Become a crew member of a modern cargo ship. Use your wits, teamwork, and resourcefulness to survive endless attacks from a giant, menacing shark intent on breaching the hull. With immersive first-person gameplay, you’ll repair the ship, craft weapons, and set sail through storms. All while strategizing with your team to outsmart the apex predator lurking beneath the sea.

Immerse yourself in the heart-racing action and take advantage of the opportunity to try out the demo. There will be thrilling live streams that will showcase the gameplay. And, most importantly, make sure to add “Shark Siege” to your Wishlistbrace. Hurry up and brace yourself for a relentless struggle against ferocious sharks and the unforgiving elements.

To build up the hype, check out the game’s official trailer below.