Shark Siege – Together Survival Is Coming Soon on Steam

An Epic Voyage Awaits in Shark Siege

Prepare to plunge yourself into the dangerous depths of the sea and confront the most formidable foes. Developer Geekon and publisher Midnight Games have announced that Shark Siege – Together Survival is coming soon on Steam. The exact release date will be unveiled sometime shortly. The game took part in last month’s Steam Next Fest with a demo as well, offering players a first-hand experience of it.

Shark Siege – Together Survival is a first-person co-op survival adventure game. You will become a crew member of a modern cargo ship and embark on an exciting survival adventure in the vast, unpredictable ocean. Remember, the sea is your adversary, and courage is your strongest ally.

You must use your wits, teamwork, and resourcefulness to survive relentless attacks from a giant, menacing shark. The shark is determined to wreck your ship at all costs. Immerse yourself in first-person gameplay as you repair the vessel, craft weapons, and navigate through storms. Strategize with your team to outsmart the apex predator lurking beneath the waves.

Join the voyage that goes beyond the ordinary co-op gameplay. Whether you’re a lonely sailor or a part of the crew, you must rise above this challenge and become a legend of the sea.