Truck Drag Racing Legends Is Coming to PlayStation in January

Master the Speed in Truck Drag Racing Legends

Midnight Works has finally announced the release date of Truck Drag Racing Legends for PlayStation consoles. This heart-pounding drag racing game will arrive on the PlayStation store on 2 January. So, prepare to push your skills to the absolute limit.

Truck Drag Racing Legends

In Truck Drag Racing Legends, you will engage in high-speed duels against dangerous opponents. Each race is sure to deliver a unique challenge and exhilarating experience. You can customize your truck in various ways to captivate the senses and outshine the competition through unparalleled performance.

Rise through the ranks and confront unforgiving bosses in a quest for supremacy in drag racing. Overcome these formidable opponents to inscribe your name in history as the ultimate champion. Each encounter with a boss introduces a fresh level of challenge, requiring adept maneuvers and strategic brilliance to secure triumph.

Embark on an adventure through demanding tracks, each intricately woven with its distinct twists and turns. Stretch the limits of your abilities as you maneuver through diverse environments that require quick adaptability. Face different racing conditions directly and triumph over every track to carve your legacy as an unbeatable drag racing icon.

Key features:

– Thrilling Races: Engage in heart-pounding drag races against formidable opponents, testing your skills to the max.
– Customise Your Truck: Modify your truck with jet engines, bumpers, and more, gaining a strategic advantage.
– Conquer Bosses: Rise through ranks, face fierce bosses, and claim your place as a drag racing champion.
– Diverse Tracks: Race on challenging tracks with unique twists, pushing your skills higher.

Take a look at the official trailer below.