Arcade Archives SOLITARY FIGHTER Launches Today on PS4 and Switch

Let the Brawl Begin in SOLITARY FIGHTER

There is no doubt that the Arcade Archives series is doing a great job by reproducing classic retro titles on various platforms. In very recent news, HAMSTER CO. has announced the latest addition in the series and the last one of the year. It is none other than SOLITARY FIGHTER and it will be arriving today on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

SOLITARY FIGHTER is a fighting game from TAITO which originally came out in 1991. It is also a sequel to the 1989 title “Violence Fight”. The game takes place during the early 1950s in the United States. An underground tournament called the Violence Fight had become very popular among the criminal underworld and the public at large.

Criminals, particularly mobsters, troublemakers, and law-abiding citizens alike, are enticed by the excitement and high stakes of this competition. Participants, hailing from various regions of the country, compete for large cash prizes and the title of “No. 1 Quarreler.” However, “Violence Fight” is not just a simple combat sport, it is more like a war. Participants can use weapons, get help from the crowd, and win by any possible means.

The gameplay is similar to other beat ’em ups where players can move all right directions in an arena fight. It supports 2 player multiplayer options for more thrill and fun. And as usual, Arcade Archives SOLITARY FIGHTER is priced at $7.99 on both platforms.