Prison Life Simulator Jail Launched on PlayStation Today

Immerse Yourself in Prison Life Simulator Jail

The video game development and publishing studio Midnight Works has launched Prison Life Simulator Jail for PlayStation consoles. It is a first-person simulation game where you play as a virtual inmate in a prison. Moreover, you can purchase it right now on the PlayStation store for just $16.99.

Prison Life Simulator Jail

In Prison Life Simulator Jail, you will immerse yourself in the daily struggles of a prisoner. Experience the weight of a strict prison schedule filled with guards constantly keeping an eye on you to maintain order. Complete various tasks for your fellow inmates, ranging from deliveries to intense face-offs.

You will explore different cells to find essential items that would help you survive. Be as resourceful and cunning as possible, and do your best to outsmart the system. The most important task is to accumulate money to bribe the policemen and regain your freedom again. However, keep in mind that every decision you make will determine your position in the social hierarchy of the prison.

Key features:

– Experience a realistic first-person simulation of a prisoner’s struggles.
– Maintain order and follow the prison’s strict schedule to avoid trouble.
– Complete tasks for other inmates, from deliveries to confrontations.
– Explore prisoners’ cells to find essential items for completing tasks.
– Test your resourcefulness, cunning, and social skills in a challenging environment.
– Devise clever strategies, forge alliances, and overcome obstacles.
– Accumulate money to bribe the vigilant policeman and plan your escape.