Safehouse Testing Players Trust on PlayStation

Who Can You Trust in the Safehouse? 

A life of crime is a life of worry. Rival gangs, shootouts, and of course rats, are all a constant threat. In fact, dealing with rats becomes more important as the police begin to notice you. Now, you’re stuck in your safehouse but who can you trust? Today, Midnight Works is happy to announce that their social deduction game, Safehouse, is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5. Inviting players to a social deduction game, Safehouse allows players to become a criminal and sniff out a rat in their friend group. A launch trailer provides gamers with a glimpse of the game.


Safehouse allows layers to step into the shoes of a criminal. Alongside 2-4 of their friends, players will need to work together to discover the traitor amongst them. Importantly, they can navigate a customizable safehouse, using different weapons, forming alliances, and discover info from security to achieve their goal. However, the rat won’t be so easy to find. Rats must use their cunning and deception to unlock a weapon of their own and turn the tide on the crew. Of course, as players unlock more customization for their safehouse, the gameplay, and layouts will change. This adds to more strategies and more deceptions. 

Importantly, a new trailer for the game allows players to see what’s in store for them. Check out the trailer below. 

Safehouse is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5. So, are you ready to trick your friends? OR would you rather smoke out a rat?