Super Cube 3D – Steam’s Smallest Video Game

Super Cube 3D Is Small and Fun

There are tons of peculiar MMO games out there and we found another one on the list. Presenting Streetware Studios’s Super Cube 3D, a party platformer title that you can enjoy solo or with other players online. Not only that, it is also the world’s smallest game on Steam that requires less than 512 kilobytes of disk storage.

Moreover, the game came out last week on 22 December on Steam and you can purchase it right now for just $2.54 with a 15% launch discount.

Super Cube 3D

In Super Cube 3D, you will be a cube and explore minimalistic worlds while making friends at the same time. Set out on an adventure with your fellow cubes and finish challenging parkour levels. Climb mountains, swim through waterfalls, and solve various puzzles in this original and unique 3D platformer.

This game provides countless hours of amusement with its challenging levels, speedrunning feature, and in-game chat. There are upcoming levels currently in development as well.

In this era of gaming, we are glad to find such a title with very simple and fun gameplay with so much to offer in a very small size.
Key features:

– Pretty colors
– Pretty cubes
– Multiplayer with chat
– Persistent replays for speedrunning enthusiasts
– Creative mechanics in each level (teleports, timed jumps, dodging death platforms)
– Camera controls that are unseen in other 3D platformers
– Instant download (handful of kilobytes)