Abiotic Factor Launch Date Trailer Is Finally Here

Survive as a Scientist in Abiotic Factor

Developer Deep Field Games just dropped the official launch trailer of its upcoming title Abiotic Factor. Playstack is the publisher of the game and it will arrive on PC via Steam on 2 May 2024. Moreover, a demo version is already available on the platform for everyone to try out.

Abiotic Factor is a survival game with a heavy focus on crafting and cooperation. It invites up to 6 players to explore the depths of an underground facility of GATE, a global network of secretive research laboratories. As an employee, you must go across the boundary of human knowledge and seek the truth behind unexplainable things. This includes anomalies and paranormal entities like gravity-distorting artifacts, supernatural creatures, and more.

However, a catastrophic containment breach has turned your workplace into a cosmic battle zone. Dangerous entities are running free and enemies from other dimensions start invading through portals. All the while an arcane military sect called The Order targets personnel and entities indiscriminately. Their main aim is to seize the artifacts and end the chaos.

The containment procedures have failed and help is far from reach. You are stuck beneath the surface and it is up to you and your fellow scientists to form a party, make an escape plan, and use this underground complex as your new home for the time being.

Players will get to choose their PHDs, build their scientists, gear up, and explore a massive research complex. Keep in mind that it won’t be an easy task as there are supernatural artifacts, and transdimensional foes caused by failed experiments.