Titan Quest Finally Gets Atlantis Expansion on Consoles

After a Year on PC, Titan Quest Console Fans Can Get the Atlantis Expansion

The Atlantis expansion stealth released for Titan Quest on PC last year and now it has surprised console fans as well. The Atlantis expansion adds a new story character as well as a new and intense Endless Mode, which all have co-op capabilities. Titan Quest has been receiving consistent updates since 2018 after laying dormant for a while and now console fans can further improve their experience. Titan Quest and the Atlantis expansion are on PS4, Xbox One and PC now, with the expansion coming later to the Nintendo Switch.

Titan Quest Atlantis

While the Atlantis expansion isn’t the first of its kind on console, it will be bringing more content to Titan Quest similar to Ragnarok. The game received somewhat of a re-release in 2017 and since then it has reached a new community of fans with the support from the developers at Black Forest Games. The new story chapter can be playable solo or with up to six other players to share new gear and items with. The new expansion stealth released on PC last year and it seems to have accomplished the same thing with its console release.

Endless Mode challenges Titan Quest console gamers with waves of enemies with randomized elements swarm them until they’re overwhelmed. After several years of being a PC exclusive, it was unlikely that we would see Titan Quest on consoles but when it released on the current generation of consoles, we were pleasantly surprised. We really enjoyed the gameplay grind and the controls transitioned surprisingly well from PC. Are you curious what else we thought of the action-RPG classic’s console version? Check out our review here!

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Source: Gaming Bolt