Ragnarok LLC Suing Human Head Studios

Human Head Studios is Being Sued by Ragnarok LLC Over Withholding Assets

During recent months, Human Head Studios joined the Bethesda umbrella as Roundhouse Studios but now they’re faced with a lawsuit from their former Rune 2 team: Ragnarok LLC. Rune II had a successful Epic Games launch and Ragnarok LLC intend to continue to produce content for the title but Human Head Studios is allegedly withholding assets from the team according to the legal complaint that has been filed. The lawsuit includes a demand for restitution of all money transacted by Ragnarok to Human Head, allegedly around $100 million in damages and a return of the game’s property. Rune II is available now through the Epic Games Store.

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Ragnarok LLC claims they’ve paid for content that Human Head Studios refuses to produce now that they’re called Roundhouse Studios. “As part of the publishing agreement on Rune II, Ragnarok Game LLC has paid for the development of these assets and is the rightful owner of them. After repeated refusals by Human Head to produce these assets, we’ve had no choice but to file a legal complaint in order to obtain the Rune II game assets. We have exhausted all possible options before getting to this point.  This is not the step we wanted to take, but it is necessary in order to fulfill our promises to our community.”

“Since Human Head’s sudden closure, announcement, and discovering the active concealment of their acquisition, we have repeatedly requested access to the final launch build source code and RUNE II game assets,” the legal complaint added. “This is so we can continue to support, update, and execute future DLC for our community.” This is clearly a messy situation which we’ve stayed on top of since Roundhouse Studios formed. Apparently changing the name of your studio doesn’t get you out of prior obligations, who knew?

Are you a fan of Rune II that’s worried about how long the wait for DLC will be? Do you expect Bethesda to bail Roundhouse Studio aka Human Head Studios out of this situation or are they doomed? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt