Barbie-Themed Xbox Series S and Controller in July

Barbie DreamConsole

Barbara Millicent Roberts AKA Barbie has become one of the biggest brands and icons. Period. The Barbie movie next month will be an event of great significance. Like many film releases before, Xbox is collaborating in making a custom Xbox Series S to commemorate the occasion.

Starting early next month, fans can enter a sweepstakes raffle to win a very pink Xbox Series S. Of course, in true Barbie fashion, there are a bunch of accessories that come with it. It is actually built into a DreamHouse with three levels. There is a swimming pool, bedroom, and what appears to be a dressing room of sorts.

Xbox Series S

The console also includes an Xbox controller. Again, in true Barbie fashion, the controller ALSO has several accessories. It has several interchangeable faceplates. Eagle-eyed Barbie fans may recognize that each of the faceplates is designed after one of the outfits worn by Barbie or Ken in the movie.

It’s not just Barbie crossing into Xbox territory. There are several Barbie dolls outfitted with Xbox gear that are being given away. This appears to be part of a separate giveaway. These dolls are a collection of the most diverse designs, including Gamer Barbie. *whispers* They’re all Gamer Barbie.

The Xbox Series S raffle will begin starting on July 10th. This Xbox x Barbie collaboration is also part of a Forza x Barbie crossover, hence the Forza logos. Barbie: The Movie will debut in theaters on July 19th internationally.

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