Goblin Camp Bringing Finnish Fantasy to Life

Going Goblin Mode 

Being a goblin isn’t always easy. The winters are cold and harsh, and there are monsters everywhere, not to mention the spirits, good and bad, that inhabit the forests. Do you have what it takes to lead the goblins to greatness? Today, Korppi Games is happy to announce their fantasy city-builder, Goblin Camp, is coming to PC in 2024. Introducing players to a world that builds on Finnish mythology, players will take control of a civilization of goblins to glory. A press release dives into more of the details about the game. Additionally, a blog post on the game’s website gives more info on the game’s background and inspirations. 

Goblin Camp

Goblin Camp invites players to a world based on Finnish mythology. Taking over a camp of goblins in the northern forests, players are able to build their little settlement up to a thriving city. Importantly, the game contains deep simulation mechanics that ensure a certain level of difficulty. Players will need to manage resources, harness the power of spirits, and defend their settlement from various beasts. Of course, the game takes place on procedurally generated maps that change based on the recession of glaciers. This ensures that every new game will be completely different from the last. 

Furthermore, Goblin Camp exists in a world of fantasy. Players are able to advance their settlement through branching skill trees of both magic and technology. Of course, traveling to the spirit world and harnessing the power of forest spirits doesn’t hurt either. Importantly, players will discover that as the camp grows the world around it grows as well. Little details will evolve into the big picture as less and less micromanagement is needed to run the civilization. 

Goblin Camp is set for release in 2024. Currently, the game is available to wish list on Steam