Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers For Pokémon Sword and Shield Unveiled

Now, Choose Your Starter… Again

One of the most important and defining choices of a young child’s life is which starter they choose in their first Pokémon game. This choice can be affected by what they player’s favourite colour is, which animal they like better, the element they most identify with, or maybe just the name of the Pokémon. Now Nintendo is making us choose again, and players will probably make the same choice as they did in Sword and Shield, but this time they are choosing Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. These new controller designs are based of the starters from Sword and Shield.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Naturally, each of the grass, fire, and water starters’ controllers share the colour of their respective element. They have unique shapes patterned over the controller in line with their element; Grookey’s controller has leaves, Scorbunny has flames, and Sobble has bubbles. The starters also appear on the left-hand grip of each of the controllers as well. There are a couple of drawbacks, as well as a plus. These controllers from Power A require two AA batteries, and do not support vibration or Amiibos. However, they do have two “advanced gaming buttons” on the underside. They are kind of like the Xbox One Pro Controllers with the paddles, as they are programmable.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Each of these Pro Controllers are selling for $50 USD each. If you are a controller collector or just want them to display on your shelf, they don’t cost too, too much. Pokémon Sword and Shield are exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: GameRant