Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games to Play All Around Your Home

Top 10 Switch Games to Play All Around Your Home

It has been a trying few weeks for all of us around the globe. Tensions are high as we each do our part to keep the people we love safe, and for the first time in history, that means staying at home, being a shut-in, and honestly just catching up on some much needed R&R we’ve all been putting off. There is only so much you can do indoors before you start to go a little crazy, and what good is owning that shiny new portable gaming console if you can’t walk down the street mid-Pokemon battle? Believe it or not, the Nintendo Switch might actually be the solution. Why sit in front of the TV when you could sit out on your patio? Layout a towel and stretch out on the lawn? Or just sit comfortably in the same room as your loved one while they do something boring like read a book! The portability of the Switch is still a huge plus in these times because you aren’t forced to stay in one room of the house. With that in mind, here are the Top 10 Switch Games to Play All Around Your Home.

Before we begin, a special shout-out to a game that didn’t quite make the top 10 list but should still be considered as a great way to pass the time:


Ever wanted to jump into Monster Hunter but were a little intimidated by its complex, over-sized nature? Dauntless combines the thrill of the hunt with Fortnite-style graphics, tons of customization, and simplified mechanics. Each hunt only lasts about 15 minutes and the game is completely free with cross-save and cross-play features. This is a great opportunity to try out something new without having to make a dollar-value commitment.


Now, onto the list!

10. Dark Souls Remastered

While Nintendo has made a name for themselves as a kid-friendly console, it has taken great strides to prove it is once again a machine for everyone. Enter; Dark Souls Remastered. The Dark Souls series is legendary for its difficulty, and if this is going to be a period of self-improvement, why not – as the kids say – “git gud” by practicing those dodge rolls? Dark Souls Remastered is an excellent challenge to keep you focused and sharpen your gaming skills whether in bed or on the toilet.

9. DOOM (2016)

In the same vein as the previous entry, DOOM is not one for the kids. The reboot that exploded into GOTY status was exactly the visceral, gory, first person bloodbath we imagined as kids too young to play the original series. The fast pace, over the top weapons, and excessive violence is satisfyingly cathartic and with DOOM Eternal – the games epic sequel – due to hit the Switch later this year, you definitely want to catch up in time for the Doom Slayer’s next adventure.

8. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Originally launching in 2013, Saints Row – the series originally meant as a satire of Grand Theft Auto – evolved into its own over the top beast full of wild characters, car chases, explosions, and general mayhem. Saints Row IV sees the leader of the Third Street Saints become President of the United States, only for the world to be blown up by aliens in the first act. The game is set to launch on Switch soon and is full of tons of activities, customization options, and a pretty lengthy story in an open world. If you wanted some gritty, stupid humor, this is the perfect title for you to play while working on that tan.

7. Daemon X Machina

Produced by Kenichiro Tsukuda, one of the key figures in the Armored Core franchise, Daemon X Machina is a Switch exclusive about fast-paced mech battles set to rock and metal music in a post-apocalyptic arena mission with destructible environments and high vertical play. Your mech – called an Arsenal – can fly indefinitely, so battle in the air or on the ground is perfectly viable. Arsenals move incredibly fast and combat is epic; like something pulled straight from an anime. Customization and crafting abound as you upgrade your Arsenal, and the narrative is unique and engaging. Daemon X Machina is sure to keep you entertained for several hours of fun.

6. Ring Fit Adventure

So you are trapped inside with all of this energy and nothing to do? The house is already clean? Ring Fit Adventure might be just what you need. The successor to previous exercise games like Wii Sports Resort, Ring Fit Adventure uses a brand new peripheral to get you moving and moving fast! It’s a great way to stay active and in shape while stuck at home, and if you don’t already own the ring peripheral needed, Amazon will be your new best friend!

Ring Fit Adventure

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