Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games to Play All Around Your Home

5. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Don’t worry if you haven’t played the first one or if you are unfamiliar with the critically acclaimed Dragon Quest franchise, DQB2 is by far the superior game. Imagine a cutesy JRPG with easy to follow crafting instructions in a delightful world, mixed with the mining and building options of Minecraft. The game has you travel to far off islands to collect new resources, learn new skills, upgrade weapons and armor, gather new villagers to help you tend the fields, and even hands you your very own gigantic island to do with as you please! The community can load photos of their creations and you can even travel to other players islands to help them out. It’s an easily addicting experience and the freedom to create can lead to some truly fantastic creations.

4. Minecraft

Of course, maybe you prefer the classic Minecraft experience without all of that JRPG stuff! Minecraft is here on the Switch and ready for you and your friends to build the most epic structures, the most gigantic pits, and run screaming from creepers as fast as you can. Who wouldn’t love to stretch out on the couch, sit by a window, or bask in the sun while mining cobblestone? Ready those pickaxes, it’s time for an adventure.

Minecraft PS4

3. Pokemon Sword and Shield

The latest entries into the global phenomenon that is Pokemon, Sword and Shield are the first official mainstream games to come to home console. Bringing plenty of new mechanics and updated graphics, Sword and Shield will easily consume your life. Whether you just want to collect them all, you want to be the very best, or you can’t help running around the open fields and watching Pokemon in their natural habitat, Sword and Shield is an absolute must for Switch users. Pokemon was always meant to be a portable experience, so take it to the kitchen and battle while you make dinner or put your feet up with some tunes while you grind levels to destroy the next gym.

Pokemon Sword

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The behemoth launch title that kicked off the Switch’s gigantic sales, Breath of the Wild not only redefined the Zelda franchise with class and a fresh coat of paint, it gave us one of the most expansive experiences in gaming. Introducing survival mechanics, outfits, abilities, and breakable weapons have all culminated in a truly legendary experience on the hybrid console. While the game can technically be beaten in under an hour by speedrunners, the depth and majesty of the game is unprecedented and deserves your full attention wherever you go.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Because of course, it had to be #1. Arguably the most anticipated game on the Switch since its announcement, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been explosively well received and there is no better time than right now to jump in, share your friend code, and become part of the most beloved and happy community in gaming today. This cutesy little slice of life will see you with your very own island as you try to build up a community, go fishing, farming, constructing, and paying off a substantial debt you needed to get started. The series is iconic, made even more prevalent by the recent flood of fanart depicting Animal Crossing‘s Isabelle as besties with DOOM Eternal’s Doom Slayer. If ever there was a game to help you find some normalcy in these strange times, this is it.

Are there any other games on the Switch we missed? What titles have you been playing on Switch to help pass the time? Let us know your favorite Switch game and where you like to play it on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.