NYXI Gaming Makes and Sells Out of Game Cube-Inspired Joy-Con

Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition

A couple of years ago, we covered a modded Nintendo Switch/Game Cube controller. It was one of a kind, really only made as a personal project. However, NYXI Gaming must have seen it and thought about mass producing this Joy-Con mash-up.

It is not an official Nintendo product, nor is it made from Game Cube parts, but it looks about as faithful a recreation as possible. However, there are some technical differences. Do they improve upon the original design? That is debatable, but very interested nonetheless.


While the buttons are positioned in the same places, there are the additions of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con buttons, like the + and -, as well as shoulder buttons on both sides. The C Stick is replaces with a rounder joystick and the face buttons have LED lights in them. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the interchangeable joystick rings.

Game Cube players will no doubt remember the shape of the joystick and C Stick ranges. They had notches in them to optimize consistency in directional movements. However, this sacrificed precision. NYXI Gaming’s Joy-Con allows the original octagonal rings to be replaced by round rings, like more modern controllers have.

If you like the look and design of this Joy-Con controller, you might think it is too good to be true. Well, it kind of is. NYXI Gaming has sold out of these controllers. Womp womp. It is unclear if anymore will be made. If there are, hopefully they can come in colors other than the iconic purple.

Regular Nintendo Switch Joy-Con sets are $80 on the online Nintendo Store. NYXI Gaming’s Game Cube counterparts are priced at just under $95.

Would you buy these controllers if you could? Let us know in the comments below.