Nintentdo Permanently Reducing Joy Con Price

Controllers are a Tricky Thing

It’s no secret that a new controller can be expensive, especially when you consider that each controller utilizes specific technology. While you might be able to use, say, an Xbox controller on the PS4 with the right gadgets, you wouldn’t get the full functionality of the PS4’s touch pad, for example. While there’ll always be a submarket, with third party companies working to make an affordable version of a controller, this obviously cuts into a company’s profits, and is something they try to fight against.Hori Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with Dpad

Nintendo are no different in this sense. While they may be straying away from the Joycon’s in the latest versions of the Nintendo Switch, they still face the possibility of other companies designing switch-compatible joycon alternatives – some of which can still make full use of any motion control features of the Switch. This is likely to be a continuing issue as more and more players eschew the original Switch design for the handheld-only alternative. We might not know whether the rumored Switch Pro will utilize motion control, but it’s possible that, like some of the later Wii games, it will require an updated version of the Joy-con, if not an added peripheral. The issue, of course, is that the original controllers will become more scarce, driving prices up and encouraging people to go to third parties for replacements.

Luckily, Nintendo are pre-empting this issue, as they’ve permanently reduced the price of joy con’s from 4460 yen (Around $55 CAD) to 3740 yen (Around $46 CAD). This means that it’s easier to purchase a single controller, either for party play or to replace a broken or damaged one. However, you’ll still need to pay full price for a pair.

nintendo switch yellow joy-con

At present we don’t know whether the price decrease will carry over into other markets, but with the console war reaching its crescendo Nintendo is going to want every advantage it can to remain a force to be reckoned with against the PS5 and Series X. The price restructure goes live in Japan from November 6th, so if you happen to live in the country and need to get a new controller, it might be worth holding back a month.

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