Steam Now Supports Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

Ode to Joy-Con

Everybody has their own preference of how they like to play games. They have their favorite platform, controller, and type of game. Sometimes, they don’t always come together in the perfect way, but now that Steam is supporting the use of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, gamers have more options.

Even if you have the best gaming PC with all the bells and whistles, keyboard and mouse just isn’t for everyone for every game. You might like the feel of a PS5 controller. If you want to see how some PC games work with a Joy-Con, you are in luck.

Switch joy-con grip

Steam has supported other Nintendo gamepads before, but the little remote-like Joy-Con controllers are new to the platform. In an announcement on Steam, support for them has entered Steam Client Beta. The cool thing is, they can be used as individual mini-controllers or paired together, just like on a Switch, depending on the game.

Nintendo always has pretty unique controllers. Not all PC games support gamepads, fully or partially. So, before you try to jump into Spider-Man Remastered or Elden Ring with a Joy-Con, don’t be surprised if there isn’t support.

The Joy-Con also has some pretty great vibration and motion response. It will be interesting to see how much of that is used by Steam. Many games support DualSense on Steam, so hopefully they will take advantage of their functions too.

What kind of PC games would you like to play with Joy-Cons? Let us know in the comments below.