Steam Now Includes DualSense Support

Most of the Features Haven’t Been Added Yet, Though

The new PS5 controller is making its way onto Steam! Slowly. Very slowly. Still, we’re happy to see the DualSense is now supported by the Steam client, even if most of the fancy new features have yet to be implemented. Sadly, that includes some of its defining features, such as adaptive triggers and controller bolsters. Valve has made it very clear in their announcement that this is only the initial input support, which means that advanced features–rumble, trackpad, gyro–will have to be added in future updates. At least Steam support isn’t required to reap the benefits of increased battery capacity.


Don’t be afraid, gamers–the wording of this announcement, specifically the phrase “not yet supported”, implied that the DualSense will eventually be supported by Steam in full. This includes the adaptive triggers, which some feared would be PS5 exclusive. Reportedly, they’re the part of the controller which really feels “next-gen”, so we can’t wait to take that technological leap and apply it to the PC. Because consoles are way more expensive than a controller.

So yeah, that’s where we currently stand: a much-anticipated controller only partly supported. It’s not the best-case scenario, but it’s certainly not the worst-case scenario, either. We mean, hey, at least you can use the DualSense with Steam games as well as PS4 and the Switch! It’s not like the new Xbox controller has already been thoroughly supported for Steam–

Dualsense mic

Oh, wait. That’s exactly what happened. What’s up with that, Valve? Don’t play favorites. Picking a side in the new console wars rarely ends well for anyone. Trust us.

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