PS5 DualSense Controller is Easier to Connect to Nintendo Switch Than to PS4

Twitter User and YouTuber Discover the Connectability of the DualSense Controller

Gaming is by no means a cheap hobby and with the price of certain games and accessories increasing as we move into the generation, it will only get more expensive. Controllers in particular are one of the priciest purchases a gamer can make, so it is always nice to know when and how you can double up.


A twitter user by username BrokenGamezHDR (@BrokenGamezHDR_) has discovered that the new PS5 DualSense controller can be used with the Nintendo Switch. You just need to have the right equipment to connect the controller, and in this case, that is the 8bitdo adapter.

The Nintendo Switch controller retails for a whopping $89.99 CAD, so for anyone getting a PlayStation 5 and have yet to buy a pro controller for their Nintendo Switch, this is a much cheaper option to get an extra player in on your next game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter plugs directly into your Nintendo Switch dock and enables the connection of not just the new DualSense controller, but a variety of other controllers as well–including the PS4 Dualshock controller, Xbox One Controller, Wii Mote, and more.

Ironically, it has also been confirmed that the DualSense controller works natively on the PlayStation 3 but not so much on the PlayStation 4.

YouTuber, MidnightMan tested out the DualSense with the PS3 and the controller connected almost instantly with little to no complication–the PS4, however, was a bit trickier.

MidnightMan tried plugging the controller in the old fashion with a cable connecting the two, he tried connecting through the console’s bluetooth feature, and even tried using remote play’s mobile app–all of which more or less failed. The only method he discovered to work was to connect the controller directly into his PC and to use remote play there.

So while you may need an extra accessory to get the controller to connect to the Switch, it is definitely a lot easier to do than to connect the DualSense to the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, Sony makes the DualSense controller more easily functional with the PlayStation 4 in the future.