DualSense May Have a Better Battery Than DualShock 4

The PS5 Controller May Last a Lot Longer

The DualSense controller for the PS5 includes a 1560mA battery that offers 50% more battery capacity, increasing the length of time PlayStation fans can play their games. A Twitter user known as Galaxyrain666 recently claimed that they worked with a company that manufactures controllers and accessories for both Sony and Microsoft and apparently the DualSense battery capacity is 1560mA. Sony hasn’t confirmed what battery PlayStation fans can expect to see from the DualSense controller but doubling the capacity sounds like a good idea. Since the PS4 released, several variants of the DualShock 4 have released and it’s likely that the DualSense will have several variants as well.

Dualsense mic

Twitter user Galaxyrain666 claimed they had, “hands on #PS5 controller #Dualsense5 , just got a short test on it. The battery capacity is 1560mA, much more than the PS4 one.” The statement was accompanied by a few photos of the DualSense controller, but it could be a model, or the photos themselves could be faked. In response to a follower who asked for video and how Galaxyrain666 was able to acquire the controller, saying “sorry, no video. We design and provide accessories for console manufactures such as Sony and Microsoft. They are both our customers, now we are doing some compatibility testing for #Dualsense5 controller.”

While all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, including those accompanied by photos, we definitely hope to see the DualSense increase the battery capacity offered by the DualShock 4. When the DualShock 4 launched, it had a battery capacity of 800mA. Later models of the DualShock 4 controller were bumped up to 1000mA, but a 1560mA battery will make gaming with PlayStation more seamless.

How much more battery capacity do you expect from the DualSense controller? Let us know in the comments below!