DualSense Mic Identifies the Gamers Voice

The DualSense Mic Filters out Background Noise to Hear the Player

With the PS5’s DualSense controller recently unveiled, PlayStation gave fans some details on what to expect from the built-in microphone inside. The microphone is capable of identifying the gamers’ voice while filtering out any background noise, similar to the best microphones out there. Although playing with a headset with a microphone is still the recommended way to play with others, Sony has confirmed that the little built-in DualSense mic will provide all players a way to communicate. There’s no word on whether or not the PS5 will still release by the end of the year with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing but we’re glad to see more official details about the next-gen console released.

Dualsense mic

Based on the location and relative timing of a gamers voice, the DualSense microphone is able to identify which voice is the closest to the device and filters out other voices as background noise. The sound source can apparently be located with the DualSense controller by locating the source of the intended sound (voice) in the interactive environment known as the bedroom, living room or any other room a player may be gaming in. With this ability, whoever is holding the controller will likely be the only voice that the built-in microphone properly picks up and digitizes.

In addition to the microphone being able to pick up the closest voice, it is also capable of excluding unwanted sounds from around the gamer such as doors slamming, car alarms, dogs barking, etc. It’s currently unknown just how well this filtration system works but it’s clear that PlayStation is putting effort into their built-in microphone for next-gen. A recent patent also shows that the new and improved touchpad will remember certain gestures and is more integrated with the system UI.

Are you glad that you won’t need a headset to communicate with your friends on the PS5? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech