The ESA Won’t Be Doing an E3 2020 Digital Showcase

E3 2020 Is Fully Canceled, no Digital Showcase Coming

Despite the cancellation of E3 2020, the ESA was still hopeful that they could put together a digital showcase for the event online, however that won’t be happening. The ESA will be helping other exhibitors promote their digital experiences and the various announcements that release as a result instead. Gamers will still be able to keep up to date on what’s new at the official E3 website which will be sharing various content in the coming months. Although E3 2020 won’t be happening this year, we hope to see many announcements in the next few months from AAA developers to indy devs alike.

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While E3 2020 was originally intended to still take place online in some form, this has changed and the ESA has confirmed the cancellation of the massive gaming event. “Given the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be presenting an online E3 2020 event in June. Instead, we will be working with exhibitors to promote and showcase individual company announcements, including on, in the coming months. We look forward to bringing our industry and community together in 2021 to present a reimagined E3 that will highlight new offerings and thrill our audiences.”

Although E3 2020 has officially been fully cancelled, we’re excited to see what announcements made by other companies that they’ll share on the E3 website and various social media accounts. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing people apart in many ways, this looks like a great way for gaming developers and publishers to still come together and share their love of games in the next few months. Developers such as Ubisoft, Xbox Games Studios and Nintendo will be having some sort of digital showcase soon, while others like Bethesda have confirmed announcements are coming soon so it looks like gamers have lots of news to be excited about even without E3 2020.

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Source: Gaming Bolt