GameStop Closes Its Massachusetts Stores Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

GameStop Finally Decides to Obey Government Orders and Closes Its Stores in Massachusetts

GameStop has officially decided to close all its store locations in the state of Massachusetts, a local newspaper, The Boston Globe, reported earlier this week.


According to the Globe, this decision came after the Boston government ordered GameStop on Wednesday to close a location in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood and hit the company with a nuisance order. The gaming retailer later confirmed to the newspaper on Thursday that it had completely closed all its stores statewide.

Back in March, GameStop defied a state order for non-essential businesses to close during the coronavirus pandemic and serviced customers via curbside pick-up. In order to the prevent the virus from spreading any further, the company had reportedly told its employees in Massachusetts to use plastic bags to cover their hands while working. GameStop received a lot of backlash for this, with many criticizing this preventative method as haphazard and unsafe.

GameStop still hasn’t announced a total global or nationwide shutdown of all its stores.

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