ESA Places Regained Trust At Top of Priority List

Come Back Baby, It’ll Be Different This Time

Last year, the ESA let a massive chunk of protected information out into the wild. This prompted a sustained backlash from E3 attendees, who felt that things like passport photos and contact info shouldn’t be running around the internet without a leash. This year, the ESA is very sorry. So very sorry you guys.

orion bethesda e3

In particular, the E3 honchos are assuring everyone that earning back trust is of the highest priority. They want us all to know that it will be much harder to harvest our user data for things like targeted ads and death threats. It’s going to be different this time! At the very least, the site will require slightly less of our personal data for registration. Which is great news!

In the meantime, here’s two totally unrelated facts: my first e3 was in 2017. I printed 100 business cards and maybe handed out 10 of them. Conversely, my work email…. exploded after that convention. Who knew I was that popular? The point is, our data isn’t exactly hard to access on their site. Maybe it should be harder? The ESA has committed to making it more difficult for attendees to get doxxed going forward, which is a great start.