Footage Of Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask E3 Event Resurfaces

Majora’s Mask at E3 Comes Back in the Spotlight

In the days of yore, well before the advent of the Nintendo Direct phenomenon, Nintendo had built its reputation with memorable appearances at noteworthy events like Space World and E3. Some of these appearances have achieved internet fame for their meme-worthy moments (think “My body is ready!”), while others are remembered for their sheer eccentricity (hello, Wii Music). However, in the relentless march of time, there are some Nintendo events that have faded into obscurity, and we believe one such event deserves to be revisited. This event is none other than E3 2000, when Nintendo showcased The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64.

Majora’s Mask, the sequel to the beloved Ocarina of Time, had been on the radar, but its actual release in 2000 came in stages. Japan saw it in April, while the US and Europe followed in October and November, respectively. Therefore, it was only fitting for Nintendo to utilize the grand stage at E3 to introduce this upcoming title to Western audiences. In a curious twist, Twitter user @HyruleJournals has managed to assemble a small collection of images and video clips from this event.

The visuals certainly evoke a sense of peculiarity, don’t they? We’ve witnessed Shigeru Miyamoto holding the legendary Master Sword and even transforming into a puppet-like figure. Still, to see him dressed as a cult member is undeniably striking. It certainly evokes the same eery feeling that made the game infamous to a generation.

However, in the spirit of fun and considering the wonderfully bizarre nature of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, this unconventional approach feels appropriate. Sadly, this event has largely faded from the collective memory of many, but this brief glimpse offers a moment of amusement, reminding us of a peculiar chapter in Nintendo’s storied history.