Ubisoft Planning a Digital Experience to Showcase IP

Ubisoft Planning a Digital Experience After E3 2020 Cancelled

After the cancellation of E3 2020, many developers are planning their own digital experiences and Ubisoft is no different. The publisher recently took to Twitter to express their dedication to social distancing during the current pandemic and announced that they’re exploring options for a digital experience to showcase their games. Before the cancellation of E3 2020, the publisher would’ve likely had a lot to show off at the press conference, leaving them powerless to share their games with a live audience. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is Ubisoft’s most recent title and they’ve revamped the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC with the new immersive experience.


“The health and well-being of teams, players and partners is our top priority,” said a recent Twitter statement from Ubisoft. “So while we’re disappointed, we fully support the ESA’s decision to cancel E3 2020. E3 is and will continue to be a moment where we can come together as a community and share our love of games. We’re exploring other options for a digital experience that will allow us to share all of the exciting news we have planned, stay tuned for more!” While the E3 logo was included at the bottom of their statement, it’s unclear whether or not Ubisoft will be doing their own experience or a shared digital experience with E3.

During their recent investor call, Ubisoft claimed they’ll be talking about their upcoming release schedule soon, with their games planned for E3 being announced digitally. The publisher was looking forward to leveraging next-generation hardware with upcoming titles but it’s unclear whether or not their next-gen releases will be impacted by the coronavirus or not. It may be a good time for gamers to switch to digital options if possible. Ubisoft apparently has five new AAA games in development that gamers can look forward to seeing soon.

Do you expect Ubisoft to do their own event or will they share the floor with others on E3’s? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG24/7