Strange Oceans Await In Other Waters Next Month

Explore The Weird Waters This April

If the terrible stress of the real world is killing you slowly, take heart! In Other Waters will allow you to explore strange oceans on alien worlds very soon. The game will be coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch on April 3rd, and it’s not a moment too soon, honestly.

In Other Waters strange oceans

For a refresher course, In Other Waters has you assisting a Xenobiologist in her quest to find her missing partner and see what this ocean business is all about. Worn down by the world and its many woes? Why not plumb the turquoise depths instead, maybe see some sea creatures? Maybe catalog them for the benefit of science and society?

As an added incentive, In Other Waters will be sold at 10% discount on both platforms until a week after the game’s launch. Given how cheap the game is already, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Personally, I’d much rather by swimming in some gorgeous simulated waters than say, huddling in my bunker while the plague carts go rolling by. This seems like the nicer of the two options, is what I’m saying. You can check out a trailer for In Other Waters embedded below.

SOURCE: Press Release